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Brenda Gates

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I took my first photo at around age 9 years old with a Brownie Camera. It wasn’t until college that my interest in photography led me into taking a couple of photography classes. I knew then that I had a passion for photography. A friend of mine told me that Roy Wilkins had a Camera Club in the building and in 2016I joined the Southeast Queens Camera Club and was very happy to be surrounded by like minds. Since joining the club, I have noticed improvement in my photography skills.Southern Queens Association sponsors its annual Art Exhibit, which I have participated via SEQCC. I’ve also participated in SEQCC’s and PFLI Competitions.I was also the Programs and Education Chairperson for SEQCC from September 2016 through June of 2019. During those three years, I also assisted other SEQCC committees such as the Hospitality, Competition and EOY.

In 2019,I was elected as President of SEQCC.During my membership at SEQCC, I’ve participated in in-house competitions and PFLI competitions. In 2017 and 2018, I was awarded plaques from SEQCC for 1stPlace for Color and B&W Images plus Leonard Victor Awards for 2ndPlace Digital Images, 2ndPlace for Color Prints and the All Star Award 2ndPlace Color Prints from the Photographic Federation of Long Island.